User Story: 
As an entrepreneur new to the area, I want to build and improve rapport with local shops and clients so I can be a more successful businesswoman.
The Challenge:
Create an application that allows users to browse local trends based off of search queries and unique data visualization. This enables users to view and understand the culture specific to their area, build relationships with local influencers and shops, save specific looks and items for future inquiry, and purchase specific items based off of a tagging system.
Lo-fi wireframes allowed the basic needs, interactions, and potential pain points of a user to be discovered. How would items be categorized? How would users view photographs and delve deeper into a look? What kind of data visualization would not only be useful but successful?
Branding exploration gave the opportunity to have an overall look at how visuals interacted with functionality. Were the colours and typefaces matching up with the overall feel of the app? How could this be pushed further, and what message is being sent?
The name, and consequential acronym, of the application stem from the very active and involved online fashion community. Users on forums such as reddit will often post to threads titled WYWT (What’re You Wearing Today), WYWTW (What You Wore This Week), WIWT (What I Wore Today) and so on and so forth. It is easily recognizable yet unique enough to set it apart from other fashion-related mobile applications.
Final branding and hi-fi prototype maintains the idea that the app wanted to encompass key elements of being dynamic, modern, progressive and realistic. It simplified the too-many-ideas-at-once in previous iterations and went with carefully chosen typography paired with vibrant colours and systematic categorization.
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