Integrating is an integral part of the gaming community, for both hobbyists and professional gamers. The online platform allows individuals and groups to stream a multitude of content from first-person games to world-wide competitions.
Disclaimer:, Twitch Logo(s) and are trademarks or trade dress of Twitch Interactive, Inc. Twitch is not in affiliation with, endorsing, or sponsoring Twitch Overlay Editor and Twitch University, as they are purely conceptual projects developed for personal exploration.
Twitch Overlay Editor's integrated software allows streamers on to create customized graphic overlays for their individual channels. The program offers themes created both by Twitch and the Twitch Community, widgets that drag, drop and snap in place, as well as tips on creating a top-tier graphic overlay.
When a user drags a widget onto the editing field for the first time, a helpful tip will pop up. This acts as a gentle guidance towards the set of standards for creating a successful overlay. After the user clicks “Got it!” the tip will not appear again, however, the user can always access these tips and more through the Guide.
With the widgets in place, the user chooses to get an idea of what the overlay will look like in-game by uploading a screenshot through the button in the upper, right-hand corner.
Clicking on Overlay Editor after having created a number of themes changes the initial layout of the page, allowing for easy access to personal themes or the “Made by Twitch” gallery. Hovering over a thumbnail allows the user to access various actions: loading the theme for streaming, editing, duplicating, deleting and publishing it to the public gallery.
Twitch University acts as the main hub for all of the resources an eSports team might need, ranging from webinars to jersey creation and purchasing, important contact information to forms for signing up for various tournaments and competitions. This platform becomes an essential toolkit for the teams, and the central location and partnership with Twitch makes it easily accessible.
Twitch University makes branding a team that much easier through the Uniform Visualizer. This enables teams to create, customize, and order jerseys without leaving the Twitch interface or losing access to valuable information provided by the webinars. A variety of features are built in, such as area selection, in-depth colour management, and automatic design overlay when switching between products.
For a deeper dive into how a team has utilized this tool, check out the branding of Team Aesir.
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