This page showcases a variety of projects I worked on while with Etix, Inc. The projects range from trade show scrims to event print collateral, from product design to branding. 
Pictured: Trade show scrims advertising the various services we offer.
Pictured: Invitation to a sponsored SXSW happy hour party and Facebook event cover image.
Pictured: Ekix logo, designed for our in-house kickball team and
a spaceship illustration meant to be used for Blast!, our annual client summit.
Etix partners with Hopscotch Music Festival every year. For the last two years, I designed and implemented the SnapChat geofilters (shown below) for festival participants to use over the weekend, targeting specific areas and times of the event. 
Pictured: Geofilters for both 2016 and 2017.
Pictured: Printed materials for an event held during our client summit. The theme focused on the 1920s and the Prohibition protests.
Pictured: Food and beverage name cards.
Pictured: Cards for a game that was played; participated had to guess whether a term was a Hopscotch Band or 1920's slang.
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